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Your Appointment

After you've found 'The One'

After you've found 'The One'


What to expect: 

We provide the relaxed beautiful surroundings... you just need to bring an open mind, suitable undergarments and any photos or inspiration that you have collected for your big day. 

Who to bring:

You are welcome to bring along all the important people in your life! We know that "saying yes to the dress" can be daunting without the support of your nearest and dearest. We do ask that should you wish to bring more than three guests, to let us know in advance. 

So remember the less people you do bring, the more people will "wow" at you on your big day, seeing your dress for the very first time! So consider who does gets a sneak peek!

Appointments last between an hour and a half, to two hours. Weekends can be incredibly busy so you may want to visit us on a weekday where possible and these carry NO appointment fee.

If you are wanting one of our highly sought-after Sunday consultations we do kindly ask for a £20 appointment fee, which is fully redeemable against the purchase of your bridal gown. Appointment fees are payable by card over the phone, or by bank transfer at point of booking.

Should you wish to cancel your weekend appointment we ask for 4 days’ notice prior to the appointment and we will refund your fee but without this notice period we are unfortunately unable to give you a refund. 


After you've found 'The One'

After you've found 'The One'

After you've found 'The One'



Firstly we take measurements and with these we check against the designer’s individual size chart .

Do ignore these sizes as we promise you we are there to find what fits the best. The sizing is often American and differ from UK sizes. 

Please note though, that we cannot take responsibly for any weight loss/ gain and/ or pregnancies. If you choose to go against our advice and order an alternate size we ask you sign for this and put the responsibility of fit into your hands. 


We ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure your chosen gown.  We offer various payment plans so please ask us what we can offer to suit you.


After you've found 'The One'




It is likely that your gown will need a few tweaks to create the perfect dress you desire.  

We recommended a seamstress who has a lovely studio next door. Mary-Jane Originals has customised and altered the majority of our gowns. 

Mary-Jane can attend fitting appointments at the store but she also offers studio appointments on weekends, weekdays and evenings.

Telephone: 07915 695897

You are also welcome to use your own seamstress and simply just purchase from our store. Especially useful for all the beautiful customers that travel a long way to try our gowns! 






When you purchase a gown from us, once arrived we will store your gown for you off the shop floor for free until you are ready for your alterations or to collect.

Your gown will be pressed, presented and ready for you to collect on your nominated day.







When should I begin looking?

Ideally think about searching for 'your one' at least 9-12 months before your wedding. This allows you a nice wide choice of gowns. 

It can take up to six months for a dress to arrive! 

You may also need alterations, which can take another few months.

However, don't panic if this timeline does not fit with you. We will always do our very best for any last minute brides. We have a collection of "Off the peg" sale gowns, "Treasure Me Now" prices on current collection gowns and a rail of Pre-loved Gowns in a variety of styles & sizes.


 Everyone is welcome to our boutique and we work within your budget just let us know what your comfortable budget is!